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HERA Biopharmaceutical Co.Ltd extend to you all our good wishes for your perfect health and success.

Health is the most precious thing of human being  and  only the virtual quality and effect of the new product can protect it. Therefore, HERA Biopharmaceutical Co.Ltd was set up and developed with the motto “ Dedicate to health”. With the desire not only to be a partner but also stand side by side in the full protection of human health. We are constantly trying to research and develop products that can contribute to the common prosperity of the country, striving to become the pride of the country in the eyes of international friends in the pharmaceutical field.

From the above, Hera Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is confident that the company has the quality of products to meet the domestic demand and export. Hera Pharmacy Co., Ltd has invested and built the "Hera Biomedical Plant" which meets GMP-WHO standard with modern equipment and machinery originating from pharmaceutical powers such as USA, India, Japan..., to serve the production of drugs, functional foods, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals. - Processing pharmaceutical materials in the form of: granulate, powder, tablets, capsules…… From active ingredients purchased in the country and imported from reliable partners. In addition, to investing in infrastructure, HERA Biomedical Co., Ltd. is committed to training and improving the quality of our human resources who ensure the expertise, experience and enthusiasm.
With the motto “Dedicate to health", we are committed to accompany customers in the process of finishing, innovating and developing in all aspects to meet the increasing demands of consumers so that they can feel secure about the product quality and price satisfaction when choosing the products of Hera Pharmacy Co., Ltd. The trust and support of our customers is our pride and the motivation for us to constantly strive to do better. 

On behalf of all staffs of the company, I would like to send our sincere thanks to our customers who have supported us. Thank you to all staffs for your hard work, creativity and  contribution to make Hera become a stronger company.
                                  HERA Biopharmaceutical Co.Ltd 
                                   Managing Director  
                                      Pham Ba Hung